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Sketch in digital format – Wacom InklingComprar en Amazon

Do you use always pen and paper to start your projects, but regret that your work stays stuck in the role until not scan image?

If it is so, Inkling is the indispensable tool.


This digital pen allows you to make sketches on any type of paper.


While drawing, all strokes are electronically recorded and, for the subsequent Edition of sketches, You can import into your favorite as a bitmap image or vector graphic design software.


With a single click you can insert different layers (for example, to separate the preparatory drawing of the final) It will be preserved after importing.


In summary, Inkling lets you start your designs in the traditional manner and, at the same time, take the first step of your digital workflow wherever you are.


Main features

It improves your professional work digitally capturing your sketches while drawing them with a pen on plain paper
You can structure your sketches in layers as you draw, so you no longer have to create them later
It has of 1.024 for natural strokes of the pen pressure sensitivity levels
It saves hundreds of drawings of high resolution in the receiving device before transferring them to your PC or Mac
It saves time, and export your drawings with layers as vector graphics directly to Adobe ® Photoshop ® or Illustrator ® (CS3 or higher), Autodesk ® SketchBook ® Pro or SketchBook ® Designer (2011 or higher)
Take advantage of the multiple possibilities and save your drawings in the following formats: JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, SVG or PDF