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The mechanical pencil of Norman FosterComprar en Amazon

Mechanical pencils PENTEL P209-G. 0.9 mm

Norman Foster is often explain their vision of the world through a few quick and accurate strokes.

Sketch, abstract many times, that they are re-interpreted by his team and back again to his hands on a journey of creative roundtrip.

Someone still remembers the first point of the airport of Beijing which outlined a dawn in Hong Kong on the back of an envelope.

Then come thousands of pictures and hours of work; dozens of architects exploring possibilities: colors, covers and different solutions.

But with that initial idea sketched on paper, Foster had taken the first step.



At Foster and Partners, the main working tool is still the pen.

A few yellow pencils that no architect study suggests a second.

Every Wednesday night classes in drawing at the Studio of London, as a way to revitalize a means of expression that is being lost among the architects.

Partners agree to define foster as a great artist that has infected his love for drawing freehand to all partners “as a fundamental way of expressing a concept in a few lines”.

Pedro Haberbosch, partner of the firm from ago 20 years, he recites the first commandment of the Foster factory: “If an architect is not capable of representing the concept of a building in a drawing is that this idea is not solid”.

Norman's obsession is to explain clearly and easily the most complex aspects of the architecture.

Make the complex simple.

He loves this profession, and requires that the explanation that its architects proposed a concept, perfect.