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Alvar Aalto – White vase 120 mm.Comprar en Amazon

This very beautiful organic forms Crystal vase is inspired by the Savoy vase of Alvar Aalto, which was originally designed in the Decade of 1930.


It serves as an important example of modern Finnish design – elegant wave is one of the most known by the famous Finnish architect designs Alvar Aalto.

The vase looks equally beautiful filled with flowers or if empty.

Aalto I think the vase in response to a design competition's 1936 by Karhula, Iittala, a Finnish designer and glass company.

The Savoy name came from the name of a restaurant in Helsinki who had vessels custom in the dining room of luxury to personalities.

We prefer the transparent vase, but it also comes in a variety of colors such as white opal and green.


The vase is of approximately 120 mm in height so it is for a short and full of beautiful flowers bouquet.

There are also higher or lower versions available.


Composed in groups of vases you can create a harmonious set of timeless pieces.